Starting Over on DMM

Don't Care Anymore, Give Me the Scenes


HCG Zipped!j49jgKoB!hXYDVUdY0JBASuR3_rb41JWg1yI9NT2TOZOZI26AIS8

Scene Text Dump!qxF3RYgQ!16fv8Sp-XjmTHpagGjjwGI1AYizeDsXacoqdcqpYm_k

Regarding Scenes

  • How do I use this?
    • The files are named after the character's ID. i.e. 001_HarlemText_016_0 is for ID#16, Elyse/Black Iris. Use the galleries on sadpanda or as reference if needed.
  • Are the CGs prntscrn'ed or..?
    • Direct rips from the game. No shenanigans.
  • Harlem?
    • Yes. That's how they spelled it.

Got Other Assets?

Sure, I guess. Will add over time as I get to them.


  • This includes DMM-only tracks, since I couldn't be arsed to separate them. Comes in both mp3 and ogg.

Character CG!6kkGyIqA!fzc0yvl3QtACRojja-0LdQ

Chara CG Zipped!TxEmxLjJ!hxJWVxyk_GbWC76aD5OF497B3hYeG9M1e6ESNaKco9k

  • These are the higher-res versions used on DMM as of version 3.0. Again, could not be arsed to make a separate batch with Nutaku's files. These are better, anyway.

Sprites and Quotes!2pNhCSCS!F3BB6CrxUq4TL9LWmQJ-Ykh6Xxizk60JnmtM71WFKDE

  • The thing about sprites is that they come at a smaller base size. Ingame, they're automatically scaled up to what you'll see while playing. Extraction doesn't do this, so what's in this package will be smaller than you'd be used to.
  • If you want the proper size, you'll have to scale them manually or go to each unit's wiki page and download them yourself (the sprites in the galleries are scaled). The typical size is 1.5x, with a few exceptions.

Scaled up sprites and all character quotes, courtesy of Illumini9