Notice: Maintenance Complete

Thank you for playing Millennium War Aigis.

The maintenance that began on March 13, 2015 (Fri.) at 3:00 was successfully completed as of 6:00 (EST).

Maintenance Details

Limited Time Event
- The Urgent Missions "The Witch Girl" begins

Regarding changes to Charisma and Stamina recovery
- When using Sacred Crystals to recover Charisma/Stamina when either is full, the amount you would recover has now been made to exceed you max limit.

Same Class Combination Bonus added
-In Combination, if your Base Unit and Donor Unit are the same class, you will earn bonus EXP.
Additionally, the higher the donor's rarity, the more bonus EXP will be added.

  • There are no changes to the EXP earned based on Sex, Class-Evolution.
  • The "EXP Boost" effects of all Holy Spirits will apply to the Same Class Bonus.

Projectile Weapons System Change
- The blast from mage's Fire Ball has been changed to magic.
Additionally, it now can attack both land and air targets.
- Added a rate based system for projectile resistance.
Projectiles will now be ineffective when defense exceeds attack by a certain rate.
Please see the information in the Help section for more details.

Other Changes
- Changed the Unit boosted in Premium Summon
- Some characters' pixel art has been redone.
- "Treasure Handler Liana", "Iron Arm Maiden Deine", "Monster Hunter Victoria", "Lady Bandit Lyla", "Hunter Stray", "Shield of Light Gellius", "Friend of the Holy Spirit Cellia", and "Priest Christopher" added to Summon.

Bug Fixes
- Various text fixes
- Fixed the stamp card reward for March 28th.

Apologies for delay of updates and bugs
The Aigis update scheduled for 12th March has been delayed.
As compensation for this, players that have started playing the game before 13th March 03:00 (EST) will be awarded with 1 Sacred Crystal after maintenance.

There was a defect in the item set for the stamp card reward for February 28th.
Again, we humbly apologize for any inconvenience caused by this bug.

When restarting a game following maintenance, please be sure to clear your browser's cache before playing.

Thank you for your cooperation while the game was undergoing maintenance.

We are working very hard to provide smooth, uninterrupted service.
We hope you continue to enjoy Millennium War Aigis.

The Millennium War Aigis Development Team

Unlisted changesEdit

Clicking the experience bar shows the remaining experience required for the next level.

Check rewards button allows you to see the rewards of a mission before attempting it. (Gold and Exp received.)

Redone unit pixel art: