Title is a modifier to Prince unit stats. Player can choose title through the menu or by clicking on the title itself, displayed in upper left corner near the player's name. Titles are unlocked by leveling up player Rank, or by completing certain missions.

Title Effect Prerequisite
Prince of the Lost Kingdom HP +10% None
Nobleman of Tragedy Defense +5% None
Indomitable Soul HP +20% Rank 2
Descendant of the Hero Skill Effect Small Increase Rank 4
Sword Master Attack +10% Rank 6
Impregnable Defense  Defense +10% Rank 8
Desperate Preparation Attack +15% Rank 10
Abandonment Expert Defense +15% Rank 16
Tough Guy HP +30% Rank 22
Hero Skill Effect Medium Increase Rank 28
Best Defense is Offense Attack +20% Rank 34
Absolutely Invincible Defense +20% Rank 44
Immortal Man HP + 40% Rank 54
Savior Skill Effect Large Increase Rank 64
Sword Master Attack +30% Rank 127
Unshakeable Defense +30% Rank 149
Phoenix HP +50% Rank 168
Big Hero Skill Effect Extra Large Increase Rank 192