The Witch Girl

The Witch Girl (魔女の娘) is a farming-type Urgent Mission that originally ran from 3/13/15 to 3/20/15. The plot revolves around Belinda, a powerful white witch who succeeds in organizing and leading an army of witches and monsters. Having uncovered the plot, the Prince takes on the task of defeating her.

The event received a revival that ran from 10/4/16 to 10/11/16.

Missions Edit

Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units


Sta Life Enemies
The Witch, Resurrected 20 190 700 15 8 Valerie lv3 Bandit Minion lv3
2 3 25 Roy lv3 Spirit of Iron
The Witch's Night 25 300 1500 15 7 Eunice lv4 Soldier (Heavy) lv4
2 3 25 Soldier (Bow) lv4 Spirit of Copper
The Witch Strikes Back II 30 350 1200 15 9 Belinda lv5 Hector lv5
3 3 27 Soldier (Magic) lv5 Spirit of Silver
The Witch's Hideout II 35 400 1500 15 8 Harissa lv6 Hector lv6
3 3 61 Soldier (Unit) lv6 Spirit of Gold
The Witch's Pursuit 35 400 1500 15 8 Leeanne lv7 Bergan lv7
3 3 51 Christopher lv7 Spirit of Platinum
The Witch's Banquet II 40 400 1500 15 8 Belinda lv8 Wilfred lv8
3 3 50 Soma lv8 Spirit of Black

Drop Rates Edit

Map Drops
The Witch, Resurrected Valerie (5%) Bandit Minion (50%) Roy (15%) Aena, Iron Spirit (15%)
The Witch's Night Eunice (5%) Soldier (Heavy) (50%) Soldier (Bow) (50%) Sarah, Copper Spirit (15%)
The Witch Strikes Back II Belinda (4%) Hector (15%) Soldier (Magic) (50%) Cyrille, Silver Spirit (15%)
The Witch's Hideout II Harissa (8%) Hector (15%) Soldier (Unit) (50%) Nina, Gold Spirit (10%)
The Witch's Pursuit Leeanne (8%) Bergan (15%) Christopher (8%) Celia, Platinum Spirit (5%)
The Witch's Banquet II Belinda (8%)* Wilfred (15%) Soma (8%) Florika, Black Spirit (5%)

*Her first defeat in map 6 is a guaranteed drop.

Dialogue Edit

The Witch, Resurrected

Anna: I've received word that the witches are starting to gather around. Who knows what kind of monsters there will be... Don't let your guard down.


Anna: Normally, witches are unpredictable and selfish. They're not the type to cooperate but perhaps they gained a strong leader.

The Witch's Night

Anna: According to the villagers, monsters are appearing every night and kidnapping people.

Anna: The kidnapped people are sacrificed in the witches' strange rituals, or something... Whether it's true or not, we can't ignore this.

The Witch Strikes Back II

Belinda the Witch: Hehehe. A pleasure to meet you, my dear Prince. Although we've just met, it seems I must defeat you!

Anna: A white witch... I think I've seen her before. Prince, do you remember?


Belinda the Witch: I'll be nice and step away this time. We shall meet again.

The Witch's Hideout II

Anna: This must be where the witches used as a hideout.

Monster: Gyah Gyah!

Anna: A monster attack!? This was a trap! It seems they've been waiting for us.

The Witch's Pursuit

Anna: I'm told they witches are gathering right up ahead. Let's move along.

Monster: Gyeh gyah! Gyeh gyah!

Anna: The witch is still after us. Let's get them off our tails!

The Witch's Banquet II

Belinda the Witch: Hehe. You're a little late. I swear to my pride as a witch, I will destroy you all!

Anna: This is our final battle. Let's end this.

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