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There is a different set of specific missions every weekday. As of 4/26/16, there are 5 difficulty tiers for each of the missions - Easy, Normal, Hard, Extreme, and God tier.

The Daily changes every day at 6:00 AM EST  (3:00 AM in PST;11:00 AM in GMT). Note that this applies during Daylight Savings Time (summer); in the winter it will be an hour earlier.

Drop rates for E, N, and H difficulties taken from this site (NSFW warning). (Note that the actual drop rate percentages are the numbers displayed +1%, due to how its calculations work). It also has efficiency calculations. Special thanks to Lafate for the source.

Drop rates for X and G difficulties taken from this site. (Note that the numbers are unofficial. Also, it only shows the rough percentages during a 1.5x drop rate increase event, so the ordinary drop rates are assumed to be the numbers displayed on this page divided by 1.5.)

Monday - Golden Armor Edit

Golden Armor M

Golden Armor N, with all starting parameters

Here, players can collect both Gold Armors and Platinum Armors, as well as a large amount of Gold. The area is under a poisonous field effect, which deals damage-over-time to all friendly units. The Armors each have a chance to drop themselves, with the Platinum Armor being the rarest.

Tips Edit

In general, bring plenty of magic damage with you (Witches, Mages, Princesses), as the Armors have very high defense values and are the primary objective in this mission. Because of the poison, strong healers are also necessary.

Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units


Avg G/Run[1] Avg G/Cha[2] Avg G/Stam[3]
Sta Life Enemies
Golden Armor E 15 50 2250 30 8 Gold Armor (41%) x3 Platinum Armor (4%) 9630 642 4815
2 5 23
Golden Armor N 24 70 3000 30 8 Gold Armor (41%) x4 Platinum Armor (6%) 12840 535 6420
2 5 27
Golden Armor H 60 100 4500 35 8 Gold Armor (61%) x6 Platinum Armor (16%) 26460 441 8620
3 5 30
Golden Armor X 80 120 15000 35 8 Gold Armor (61%) x6 Platinum Armor (16~20%) 36960 462 12320
3 5 30
Golden Armor G 80 160 22500 40 9 Gold Armor (61%) x5 Platinum Armor (21%) x2 40800 510 6800
6 5 30

If your team can clear Golden Armor X or G, you also have to consider average gold per charisma. As 20 charisma and 1 stamina will be restored per hour, if you go for Golden Armor X, charisma will take more time than stamina to be restored. So when we compare H and X, X will be better because it gives more average gold per charisma(the point here is that you should compare Avg G/Cha, not Avg G/stam). And if it comes to X and G, X will be better for collecting gold, and G will be better for collecting Plat Armor.

  1. (Drop rate of each Gold armor) * (discharge reward of Gold Armor) * (number of Gold Armor drops) + (3-star Mission Clear Gold reward)
  2. (Avg G/Run) / (Charisma consumed per run)
  3. (Avg G/Run) / (Stamina consumed per run)

Tuesday - Spirit Rescue Edit

Here, players can collect Spirits of all rarities from Silver to Rainbow. The mission consists of large waves of fast enemies, which is best dealt with using strong, cheap blockers. Although AoE is desirable, it is much too expensive to deploy here, so archers are much more useful. As with the majority of dailies, this map also has the poison effect which deals your units damage over time, so a Healer is advised.

It should be noted that all Spirits drop from specifically colored wolves only: Silver, Gold and Platinum drop from Red Wolves, while Black and Rainbow drop from Black Wolves. Spirit Rescue G is the most reliable source for Rainbow Spirits, outside of Event Missions.

Tips Edit

On Spirit Rescue H, bring some max-level fully-cost-reduced bronze soldiers (Atla, Hector, Leo, and/or Ryujin Soldier if you have him) for early blocking while you set your main formation up. It will help immensely in 3 starring the map.

Spirit Rescue XP (VP Games)

Nasu: E N H X G

Alternative Strategy

It can be done without any bronze soldier and in fact it is easier that way. You will need CC Gold Soldier, two CC archers. Important: one of the archers _must_ be Silver and must be CR, one Silver CR/nonCC Rogue, CC Healer, two Silver CR/nonCC Soldiers. You can use Phillys but don't need to since by the time she activates her skill you will be placing your last unit. So start the game. Place your Gold Soldier on the rightmost cross road, then Silver Archer adjacent to the low lane on the second firing position starting from the right. Then Silver Rogue just in front of Gold Soldier. Between the three of them they will take care of the initial rush. Then place a Silver Soldier in the second crossroads starting from the right, then the Price in the uppermost crossroads and after him place the second Silver Soldier between Prince and first Silver. Activate Gold Soldier's skill and place Healer and, finally, second Archer. Collect Sacred Crystal. Very important: Don't use higher rarity or CC units when explicitly told they must be Silver or nonCC. This solution allows you to dispense with Bronze Soldiers taking slots in your barracks and to put to better use the Gold needed for maxing them.

Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units


Sta Life Enemies
Spirit Rescue E 15 80 1875 30 8 Spirit of Silver (51%) Spirit of Gold (26%) Spirit of Rainbow (2%)
2 5 27 Spirit of Platinum (11%) Spirit of Black (6%) -
Spirit Rescue N 30 90 2250 30 8 Spirit of Silver (71%) Spirit of Gold (41%) Spirit of Rainbow (3%)
3 5 40 Spirit of Platinum (21%) Spirit of Black (11%) -
Spirit Rescue H 60 120 3750 30 8 Spirit of Gold (100%) Spirit of Platinum (26%) x2 -
6 5 57 Spirit of Black (13%) x2 Spirit of Rainbow (3%) x2
Spirit Rescue X 80 180 4500 40 8 Spirit of Platinum (100%) x2 Spirit of Black (21%) x3 Spirit of Rainbow (4%) x2
6 5 39
Spirit Rescue G 80 200 4500 45 10 Spirit of Platinum (41%) x2 Spirit of Black (31%) x3 Spirit of Rainbow (8%) x2
8 10 33

Wednesday - A Toast to Men/Skyfallen Gift Edit

Here, players can can collect Gift Items and as such is split up in 2 different types of missions: A Toast to Men for male affection items, and Skyfallen Gift for female affection items.

A Toast to Men only allows male units. It is the only stable source for male affection items in the game.

Skyfallen Gift only allows ranged units to be used. In addition, it takes place in a poisonous map, dealing damage-over-time to your units.

Tips Edit

A Toast to Men
Having Christopher or Robert in your team can make things easier - because the majority of available male units are melee, a healer is very valuable in these missions. Even without Christopher, players can 3-star A Toast to Men H if they bring at least two max-level fully-cost-reduced bronze archers (Ars and/or Wilfred) to help thin the map of the enemy soldiers and bandits.

Nasu: N H X

Skyfallen Gift
There will be multiple waves of gargoyles and red gargoyles, so it's best to have both magic and physical attackers. Since nearly all units come from the same place, a mage placed right at the entrance or at the fork works really well. In N and H dragons will join the fray, so bringing a strong healer is recommended.

Nasu: H X G

Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units


Avg Aff/Stam [1]
Sta Life Enemies
A Toast to Men E 15 80 1875 30 8 Beer (81%) Table Wine (51%) 1.3365
2 5 20 Choice Sake (6%) Millenium Wine (3%)
A Toast to Men N 40 90 2250 30 8 Beer (81%) Table Wine (61%) 1.904
2 5 36 Choice Sake (21%) Millenium Wine (11%)
A Toast to Men H 60 100 3000 30 8 Beer (100%) x3 Table Wine (61%) x2 2.993
3 5 27 Choice Sake (31%) Millenium Wine (21%)
A Toast to Men X 80 120 3000 35 8 Table Wine (71%) x4 Choice Sake (41%) x2 3.788
3 5 28 Millenium Wine (31%) -
A Toast to Men G 80 140 3750 40 8 Choice Sake (71%) x4 Millenium Wine (41%) x3 3.869
4 5 31
Skyfallen Gift E 15 80 1875 30 8 Bouquet (81%) x2 Crystal (51%) 1.863
2 5 18 Ruby (6%) Diamond (3%)
Skyfallen Gift N 40 90 2250 30 8 Bouquet (81%) x2 Crystal (61%) 2.4305
2 5 37 Ruby (21%) Diamond (11%)
Skyfallen Gift H 60 100 3000 30 8 Bouquet (100%) x3 Crystal (61%) x2 2.993
3 5 40 Ruby (31%) Diamond (21%)
Skyfallen Gift X 80 120 3000 30 8 Crystal (71%) x4 Ruby (41%) x2 3.788
3 5 45 Diamond (31%) -
Skyfallen Gift G 80 140 3750 35 8 Ruby (71%) x4 Diamond (41%) x3 3.869
4 10 92
  1. { (Droprate of trust itemx) * (average trust given by trust itemx) * (number of trust itemx dropped) for all four trust items added together } / (Stamina consumed per run).
    "Average Trustgiven", as defined in the Gifts page, is 1.3 for Beer, 2.5 for Table Wine, 3.5 for Choice Sake, and 4.5 for Millennium Wine; and, similarly, 1.3 for Bouquet, 2.5 for Crystal, 3.5 for Ruby, and 4.5 for Diamond.

Thursday - Guardian of the Magic Crystal Edit

Here, players can collect Demon Crystals for use at the Trading Post (not to be mistaken with Sacred Crystals, the in-game premium currency). As with most other daily missions, the maps have a poison effect, dealing damage-over-time to all units.

Crystal Keeper E and N contain a mixture of grounded and flying units, with an emphasis on armors. Crystal Keeper H contains nothing but waves of the Flying Eyes. Nevertheless, it is still only the flying units that can drop Demon Crystals.

Tips Edit

To 3-star Crystal Keeper H, you'll need at least one class-evolved, high-level silver archer (preferably two) and one class-evolved, high-level silver healer, along with a high level Prince with the Savior title.

The Flying Eyes have approximately 480 HP and 150 DEF. Crystal Keeper X Flying Eyes have 660 HP and 150 DEF. Crystal Keeper G Flying Eyes have 750 HP and 150 DEF.

Nasu: E N H X G

Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units


Avg Crystals/Run[1] Avg Crystals/Stam[2]
Sta Life Enemies
Crystal Keeper E 15 90 1350 30 8 Demon Crystal (71%) x6 4.26 1.065
4 5 13
Crystal Keeper N 30 130 2400 30 8 2 Demon Crystals (56%) x6 6.72 1.12
6 5 20
Crystal Keeper H 45 200 3000 30 8 3 Demon Crystals (56%) x6 10.08 1.26
8 5 39
Crystal Keeper X 60 220 3000 40 8 3 Demon Crystals (60%) x7 12.6 1.575
8 5 66
Crystal Keeper G 70 240 3000 45 8 3 Demon Crystals (70%) x7 14.7 1.8375
8 10 70
  1. (Number of Demon Crystals in one drop) * (droprate of DC bundle) * (Number of DC drops in one run)
  2. (Previous column's result) / (Stamina consumed per run)

Friday - Spirit Rescue Edit

The same as Tuesday.

Saturday, Sunday - The Battlefield of Warriors Edit

This is a special mission used to collect spirits needed to perform Skill Awakening. Only awakened units (and the prince) can be deployed on this mission.

Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units


Sta Life Enemies
The Battlefield of Warriors 90 250 3000 10 8 Naiad x4
0 10 36

Gem Daily Edit

Added on March 8, 2016

These missions allow players to collect Blue Orbs, one of the materials for the Awakening system.

Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units

Orb Drops

Sta Life Enemies
White Archer EX
90 250 3000 10 8 Sniper Dark Knight Priestess
0 5 34 Rear Strategist Heavy Artillery Officer -
Unicorn Knight EX
90 250 3000 10 8 Unicorn Knight Pegasus Knight Master Monk
0 5 33 Berserker Feng Shui Master -
Legendary Pirate EX
90 250 3000 10 8 Soldier Chief Assassin Captain
0 5 34 High Shaman High Bishop -
Herculean Girl EX
90 250 3000 10 8 Battle Master Samurai Master Rune Fencer
0 5 34 Vampire Killer Master of Automata -
Witch EX
90 250 3000 10 8 Lode Witch Warlock Advance Strategist
0 5 31 Ninja Master Arch Angel -
Magic Armor Princess EX
90 250 3000 15 8 Battle Mage Sailor Chief Top Dancer
0 5 31 Dragon Knight Priestess Warrior Leader -
Moon Shadow Bow Rider EX
90 250 3000 10 8 High Alchemist High Ranger Curse Master
0 5 34 Bow Rider Chief Master Thief -
  • All orbs have an estimated 50% drop rate. (It was changed on 13th September 2016 from previous ~30% drop rate)

Daily Mission Drop Rate Increase Edit

On occasion, in place of a new event, a drop rate increase will be temporarily introduced as a "break" from regular events. Typically it involves double drop rate on orbs (see Gem Daily), and 1.5x drop rate on all other daily missions (Golden Armor, Spirit Rescue, A Toast to Men/Skyfallen Gift, and Guardian of the Magic Crystal).

Drop Rate Increase Table (2016-2017)
Daily Drop Rate Orb Drop Rate Start Date End Date
x1.5 x2.0 06/14/2016 06/21/2016
- x2.0 09/13/2016 09/20/2016
x1.5 x2.0 12/20/2016 12/27/2016
x1.5 x2.0 02/14/2017 02/21/2017
x1.5 x2.0 04/18/2017 04/28/2017
x1.5 x2.0 06/20/2017 06/27/2017
x1.5 x2.0 08/07/2017 08/22/2017
x1.5 x2.0 09/19/2017 09/26/2017

Video Guides Edit

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Glossary Edit

A few Japanese words that can be helpful in finding playthroughs on youtube and nico video:

  • 神級 - G tier (god);
  • 極級 - X tier (extreme);
  • 上級 - H tier (hard);
  • 中級 - N tier (normal);
  • 初級 - E tier (easy);
  • 黄金の鎧 - Golden Armor;
  • 聖霊救出 - Spirit Rescue;
  • 空からの贈物 - Skyfallen Gift;
  • 男だけの祝杯 - A Toast to Men;
  • 新魔水晶の守護者 - Crystal Keeper;